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Care2Elevate is a nonprofit 501c organization whose mission is to elevate self-esteem through understanding the grief cycle post-divorce by providing all-inclusive safe spaces (support group) to meet and share emotional best practices, socializing, financial literacy training, and co-parenting skills with one another.

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Post-Divorce Well-Being

A support group for Muslim women who have experienced life challenges especially divorced.

Educational Achievement

A support group for Muslim women who have experienced life challenges especially divorced.

Community Responsiveness

A support group for Muslim women who have experienced life challenges especially divorced.

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Activities of Care2Elevate

We elevate Muslim men and women to see themselves as worthy of love and respect and honor. It is a God-given privilege by amplifying and providing free access to materials designed to facilitate their successful marriage but also be their support system for when things do not work out.

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Pure Water

Millions of people around the world live under a lower scale of poverty. They do not get pure, safe and sound drinking water. So we are trying to serve them pure health water for their better future.

Healthy Food

In today's world we know that many people do not get their food daily. It is very difficult for us in today's world that people do not get their food. So we opened a project called "No people will die without eating"

Medical Facilities

People in Africa, Philistine, afghanistan, Livia and many other countries are not getting the proper medical treatment. So we have open a slogan and a project called “people will not suffer for medical treatment


Education is the backbone of a nation. But many children do not get a chance to go to school due to their poverty. So we are raising funds for a project called education for everyone and every child will go to school.


Our Mission

We want Islamic educational and community centers to be responsive to Muslim’s specific needs post-divorce, acknowledge their distinct perspectives, and highlight the unique contributions both genders make in creating a healthy society at large by having a Care2Elevate in every Islamic center in Florida and throughout the US.


Our Vision

Our vision is to elevate Muslims transitioning into divorce by fostering and supporting a stigma-free compassionate community.

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Your donation will help us save and improve lives with research, education and emergency care.

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