Care2Elevate grew organically from the Circle of SiSTARhood, a support group established in 2012 for divorced women that operated out of the Adams Center in Sterling, VA. The group expanded to offer exercise classes, social gatherings, Quran classes, and more to its members, and, post-Covid, transitioned to a mainly online platform. 

Realizing both the need to integrate the men in the community as well as the potential for wider reach with online offerings, founder Mariam Azimi created Care2Elevate, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with the mission of providing marital separation support for separated and divorced individuals in Florida, Virgina, Maryland and the DC metro area. While Care2Elevate is rooted in the Islamic tradition, it is open to people of all faiths, with and without children, and is here to help serve the community. 


Our Mission

We elevate self-esteem through understanding the grief cycle post-divorce by providing all-inclusive safe spaces to meet and share emotional best practices, socializing, financial literacy training, and co-parenting skills with one another.

Our Vision

We elevate Muslims transitioning into divorce by fostering and supporting a stigma-free compassionate community.

Our Values

We are to be inclusive, have diversity, and have equity of access to resources for all those who find themselves in a challenging place post-divorce.