Divorce Goals

Post-Divorce Well-Being → We want both divorced Muslim men and women to feel confident that they have the personal qualities and community support necessary to succeed in their new chapter of life.

Educational Achievement → We want to maximize the likelihood of self-growth by understanding the post-divorce grief cycle support system as well as community stigmas associated with divorce by providing educational group workshops to educate a supportive and compassionate community that cares.

Community Responsiveness → We want Islamic educational and community centers to be responsive to Muslim’s specific needs post-divorce, acknowledge their distinct perspectives, and highlight the unique contributions both genders make in creating a healthy society at large by having a Care2Elevate in every Islamic center in Florida and throughout the US. As there are marriage services in every masjid, we also strive to have divorce services to acknowledge, educate and connect our Muslim sisters and brothers to navigate the grief cycle post-divorce in a healthy way by providing safe support group spaces for them. 

Our 6-Week Divorce Seminar 

Advocacy → We elevate Muslim men and women to see themselves as worthy of love and respect and honor. It is a God-given privilege by amplifying and providing free access to materials designed to facilitate their successful marriage but also be their support system for when things do not work out. 

Research → We facilitate research that uses qualitative and quantitative methods to examine the systemic, institutional, and personal conditions that shape cultural stigmas and misunderstandings regarding divorce in Islam.

Training → We conduct professional workshops and distribute training materials to communities, parents, and others who care about this topic.