Mariam Azimi M., Founder

BA – University of Massachusetts in Interdisciplinary/Certificate: Human Services Administration, Certificate – Speaker with the CFLS Speakers Bureau
Certificate – on Grief / Depression and trauma recovery equips her with the foundation and life experiences to be the consultant to find guidance and wisdom. 

A community advocate who focuses on helping women of domestic violence and divorce get the support, guidance, and emotional confidence needed to move forward. She has worked with FAITH.org as a court advocate for women of domestic violence and has been instrumental in creating safe spaces that cater to the needs of this vulnerable population. Since her divorce in 2011, she has seen the need to provide services for women and established CircleofSTARhood. This group supports divorced Muslim women at the ADAMS Center in Sterling, Virginia. Her assessments led to Ikram Foundation helping divorced Muslim women with educational grants as she co-founded and established it in 2014. Her deep analysis of divorce continues to push her to support this underserved population further in her next role as the founder of Care2Elevate.org. This new non-profit helps elevate both men and women to recover from the grief of divorce and educate the misunderstood stigmas associated with divorce. She has been on panel discussions at Turkey’s Islamic Leadership conference and has spoken at ICNA & Mas Annual convention on “Single Parents-Challenge of Time and fulfilling our Responsibilities, also in Islamic Horizons-Restoring Dignity featured her story. 

Mariam is passionate about spirituality, especially her life, and her faith has evolved around this journey until now. Her love for Rumi-inspired quotes and Ghibran, with a renewed deeper understanding of the Quran, has broadened her tolerance and knowledge of women’s issues. She is fluent in Arabic and Farsi and loves Sufi music that heals, much like Quranic when used for healing and therapy. 

Asumini Kasule, Secretary

Youth and Parenting Coach

Asumini helps families that have migrated to the West that are experiencing cultural and Islamic identity challenges as their children reach the teen years. Her work leads to a mindset shift that nurtures deeper connection in the relationship between parent and teen. Asumini is a certified youth and parenting coach and Back to the Fitrah Academy mentor and educator, using the Inside Out Paradigm in my services. She is also a DiscoverU Adwam certified life coach. She has 20 years of industry experience working for Fortune 500 companies in various roles, including consultant, engineer, senior manager, and have for years, coached middle school, high school, college students and young professionals on how to find that connection between their identity and their purpose in navigating their career paths.